About This Blog

Janelle Orsi is an attorney living and working in Berkeley, California. Her law and mediation practice is focused on helping individuals and organizations share resources and create more sustainable communities. She specializes in nonprofit, small business, and real estate law, as well as a new field of practice – sharing law. Previously, she was Executive Director of Women Defenders, a professional organization of women defense attorneys and has worked in a range of legal practice areas, including criminal defense, youth law, immigration, adoptions, LGBT rights, and estate planning. She attended Boalt Hall School of Law at UC Berkeley. Prior to becoming an attorney, Janelle worked in the fields of nonprofit development, education, and social science research. Janelle volunteers her mediation skills with SEEDS Community Resolution Center. She is also founder and Coordinator of the Music Sanctuary Project, a program that provides music lessons to detained immigrant youth. Janelle lives in “casual cohousing,” shares garden space and regular meals with her neighbors, takes part in a grocery co-op, shares an office space, and is always looking for new ways to share in her life.

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