Nov 03, 2009

"Bioneering" Ideas for Sharing, Part 1

The weekend before last, I shared a "Cooperative Living and Sharing Brainstorm Booth" with Regenerative Real Estate at the incredible Bioneers Conference.  Our booth featured a coffee table and chairs in a circle, and we invited passers by to come in, have a cup of tea, and brainstorm with us on huge poster boards.  It's safe to say that was the most idea-stimulating three days of my life!  Bioneers brings together some amazing thinkers and activists, and they shared a lot of thoughts.
bioneers booth 1.jpg

In my next few blog posts, I'll list some of the ideas that we brought home on post-it notes attached to out brainstorm boards.  First, here are some of the ideas we collected in answer to the question: "How do we create STRONG COMMUNITY in our neighborhoods?"

  • Remodel the suburbs
  • Reclaim your suburban neighborhood!
  • Set up a barter system, produce share, and clothing swap
  • Neighborhood kiosks and bulletin boards
  • See what City Repair did
  • Draft ethics and agreements that the whole group creates and supports, creating a sense of ownership/accountability to the community
  • Front yard and safe active common space
  • Connect food and home. Agriculture where we live.
  • Collaboration between landlords and tenants.
  • Create unity among tenants of rental housing.
  • Get out from under the hypnosis of consumerist society and realize a new world is possible.
  • Foster multigenerational communities: children and elders together!
  • Map the skill base of your neighobrs (find out who are the painters, builders, doctors, lawyers, gardeners, massage therapists, etc.)
  • Regular annual food-based house parties
  • It's all about architecture
  • Foster compassion toward yourself and extend it to others.
  • Imagine you're an ecosystem nurtured by "THANKS!!!!" from the future. (We thank Paul Horan of Young Ecosystem Scholars Support Services for sharing that piece of wisdom.)
  • Bring together a community and ask: What are we going to do that is EXTRAORDINARY?
  • Feast together!
bioneers booth 3.jpg