Apr 10, 2009

Welcome to the Sharing Solution Blog

Welcome to Janelle and Emily's blog about all things sharing! Neither of us invented sharing -- we are, simply put, sharing enthusiasts. We are excited about the possibilities for sharing to alleviate problems in our communities, environment, and economy -- and to reshape our world in beautiful ways.

There is a lot to say about sharing, which is why we have written a whole book, The Sharing Solution, about it, and why much more could be written. The creation of a more sharing and cooperative society is a work-in-progress. Watching the progress will be fascinating, and the results will, no doubt, be inspiring and delightful.

On this blog, we will post:

  • new or interesting sharing ideas
  • personal stories about people who share
  • tips about what works and what doesn't
  • links to and information about helpful resources for sharers
  • information about laws that affect or govern sharing arrangements, and
  • any other thoughts or information about how to make the world a more sharing place.

We are hopeful that our readers will share their thoughts with us and help us learn about new ways of sharing. If you know of an interesting way that people are sharing, have an interesting personal story, or know of a helpful resources, we'd love it if you'd pass along the info to us. Not everything our readers send will make it into the blog, but it will help inform us and expose us to the vast world of sharing ideas. We can be reached by clicking the link on the right, or by emailing  sharing (at) janelleorsi (dot) com. Thank you!