Apr 13, 2009

Sharing in Every Realm of Life

There are ways to incorporate sharing into almost every realm of life. Here's a sampling of ways to share:

  • Find a friend or a neighbor who would like to share a car and make a schedule to take turns.
  • Join an established car-sharing program, such as City CarShare or ZipCar.
  • Buy a home with a friend.
  • Consider living in cohousing.
  • Retrofit a large house to accommodate two households.
  • Live cooperatively in a group house.
  • Share a vacation home.
  • Start a tool-share with friends or neighbors.
  • Share other household goods and appliances, such as a vacuum cleaner or laundry machines.
  • Start a neighborhood home-repair group.
  • Cooperate to compost in your neighborhood.
  • Share errands, such as dry cleaning.
  • Trade tasks with a neighbor -- prune her tree if she fixes your bike.
  • Start a time bank.
  • Form a group to save money by sharing bulk purchases.
  • Join a buying club or cooperative.
  • Take down the fence and share yards with your neighbor.
  • Work part time and share your job with someone else.
  • Form an employee-owned cooperative.
  • Have shared lunches with coworkers.
  • Try coworking.
  • Share an office space, a studio space, workshop, or commercial kitchen. 
  • Start a childcare co-op.
  • Share a nanny with another family.
  • Share pet care with a pet-owning neighbor.
  • Cooperate to care for elders.
  • Host a skillshare -- a gathering where people share their special skills and learn from others.
  • Share recreational equipment, such as kayaks, and camping and sports gear.
  • Share season tickets for sports or theme parks.