Apr 24, 2009

Shared Work Weekend Means New Fence for Neighbor

Amy's Fence 2009 064.jpg

The Maxwell Park Neighborhood Work Group, featured in Chapter 7 of The Sharing Solution ("Sharing Household Goods, Purchases, Tasks, and Space"), was hard at work this weekend.

Amy's Fence 2009 021.jpgThe fence was, unfortunately, somewhat urgent because one of the neighbors in our group, Amy, had some problems with her back neighbor and needed a higher, more secure barrier between their two yards. Fortunately, the group was there for her and over two days we built a beautiful 40-foot-long fence. In the process we also took out an unused brick barbecue (reusing the mortar to mix into the post-hole cement and the bricks for filler behind the fence) and did some pruning and general maintenance on the yard.

Amy's Fence 2009 082.jpg

As you can see, Amy is pretty pleased with the end result. And sharing the work made it happen -- and made it fun. Now that we're fence experts, we'll build one at another member's house next month. 

Check after the jump for a few more photos of our group, hard at work.

Amy's Fence 2009 027.jpg
Amy's Fence 2009 065.jpg
Amy's Fence 2009 084.jpg